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Metamorphabet is a playful, interactive alphabet for all ages. Poke, prod, drag, and spin each of the 26 letters of the alphabet to reveal surprising and luminous transformations. • Over 90 words, each pronounced in a clear, gentle voice• Responsive, easy-to-use interface is ideal for kids• Adults will enjoy Metamorphabet's fluid interactions and gorgeous visuals
NOTE: All words, spellings and pronunciations are American-style English.
"The first video game I'll let my four-year-old kid play all by herself." - Kotaku
"Metamorphabet might just be the perfect introduction to touchscreens... Unlike most educational games, it's more playful than instructive, more of a toy than a textbook." - Verge
"An odd and playful little toy that you'll keep tapping, touching, and twisting." - Pocket Gamer
"I was surprised at just how easy it was for my son to play with this app. He immediately took to it." - The Dadcade